Meet Our Instructors

Kate Moore is a local chef and private culinary instructor who loves cooking and reconnecting people with their relationship with food. She believes that we all have a chef within us, just waiting to be unlocked! She loves the intersection of food and community, and her love of people is reflected in her teaching style, which is fun, engaging & empowering! Kate believes that simple ingredients, a solid knowledge of the principals and a willingness to experiment are all you need to make great food. She loves the community building power of food so much that she and her partner have been hosting a weekly “Family Dinner Minneapolis” for the past 4 years. A potluck where all the participants bring ingredients rather than dishes–everybody preps, eats & cleans up together! A new way of building community, one delicious meal at a time. Find out more about Kate & Family Dinner Minneapolis and see how-to videos, “Family Dinner Minneapolis” public service announcements, and information on how to get Kate into your home on her facebook page:

Edith-Nicole Cameron is a neighbor and patron of Local D’Lish, as well as an avid home chef and locavore. She brings to her classes what she brings to her kitchen: resourcefulness, creativity, a love for local, seasonal food, and humor. Edith specializes in classes on eating local (even in Minnesota!), cooking for the whole family, and how to craft well-rounded vegetarian meals. Her classes are part demo, part interactive, and participants have the opportunity to try at least three items by the end of class. More information about Edith and what she cooks when she’s not teaching can be found on her website,