Elegant Replica Rolex Milgauss Z-Blue Dial

For a watch collector who doesn’t really think of himself as a Rolex fan, replica Rolex Milgauss‘s latest edition has always been one. Its design is downright weirder than its peers, and it is one of the few products of the brand that you can easily pick out from a crowd and identify without question from a reasonable distance.
We’ll skip the general history class because you can read all this here, but out of the long catalog, Rolex Milgauss returned to the Rolex series in 2007, followed by this particularly stylish z-blue dial variant in 2014. That’s what we’re going to focus on today because it’s undoubtedly one of the most interesting and bizarre Rolexes on the market right now.
If you like a fake watch with a little personality, the Z-Blue Milgauss has a lot to offer. The crisp and cool electric blue of its dial is different from any other Rolex offering – a color chosen thoughtfully, with the intent of letting its orange minute track, seconds hand, and dial text stand out brightly without seeming out of place. Blue and orange it a challenging combo that can go wrong in a hurry, but it works well here.
Another great shift from the GV black dial variant is the fact that Rolex decided to use a single color of Chromalight luminous material for this dial. All of its indices, as well as its hour and minute hands, use bright blue lume rather than a mix of colors as seen on the black dial. There’s plenty going on with this replica watch as it is, so the multicolor lume would have completely been overkill. rolex rolex-078877_03
Two essential details that remain intact with the Milgauss are its “lightning” seconds hand, and the green-tinted sapphire crystal – two traits that are only found on the Milgauss collection. Though both details are purely aesthetic, they’re charming in their own special way. The green sapphire crystal is an interesting and odd choice that unfortunately will cost you an arm and a leg to replace if chipped or damaged, but so long as you aren’t too abusive with your watches sapphire is fairly resilient.
On the other hand, the roots of the Milgauss remain in its anti-magnetic capabilities. Though still listed as resistant to at least 1,000 Gauss, there’s much speculation that the actual spec is much higher. After all, Omega replica claims a 15,000 Gauss resistance on some of its models, and Rolex isn’t one to be outdone with much of anything.
The Milgauss is made with a conventional 904L steel Oyster bracelet that has an Easylink 5mm comfort extension in its clasp. While its 40mm case is polished throughout, the bracelet features brushed links with polished center links.
Even though a case thickness spec is not available from Rolex, I will say that the Milgauss is a bit on the portly side when compared to things like an Oyster Perpetual or even a Submariner. All told, the Milgauss is another one of those amazing Rolex models that you can just wear day in and day out. While its shell is by no means ultra-thin, it’s smooth enough to tuck into a shirt sleeve.
If you put it on its spot strap, it weighs a bit too much, so keep that in mind, but there are some aftermarket strap options that work well to “lighten the load.”It’s worth noting that the combination of the blue dial and the green crystal will ensure that the replica watches will attract attention wherever it goes — just as with any gold or two-tone Rolex, don’t expect it to go unnoticed.” It’s a statement, and it’s not a bad thing, depending on your emotions or preferences.

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