The Rolex Way of Celebrating Labor Day

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The Rolex Explorer II seems like the perfect place to start if we’re talking about hard-working watches. This model is arguably the closest to Rolex’s roots, and it’s the one that best embodies the definition of a true tool watch. It’s big, strong, rugged, and mechanically reliable, so you can truly wear it every day, no matter what your profession.
As always, the option of the dial is straightforward, with only black or white available. Each brings a definite personality to the watch, with the white “polar” dial giving a clean, crisp look, while the black is more discreet and understated. An interesting element of the latter is its “phantom” hands, where the bottoms of all three main hands are also painted black to give the impression of floating.  Rolex replica watches
The Milgauss first appeared in 1956, stemming from the golden age of the replica Rolex. This era gave birth to the tool watch genre itself, with the Milgauss adding protection against electromagnetic forces, which made it aimed at scientists, technicians, medical personnel, and anyone who dealt with equipment that emitted strong magnetic energy.  63-1 66-1
It was pure bad luck to compete with some of the most iconic Rolex models ever made. In just a few short years in the mid-1950s, the brand also released the Explorer, GMT-Master, Submariner, and Day-Date – the closed environment of the laboratory could never inspire the same level of imagination in the face of watches built for adventurers, transcontinental travelers, deep-sea divers, and world leaders.
Another 1950s watch is the Turn-O-Graph, and although it is one of Rolex’s lesser-known models and is no longer in production, you could be forgiven for not having it on your radar. debuted in 1953, the Turn-O-Graph actually boasts a series of firsts, despite its “forgotten” status among the brand’s many iconic models.
Our choice is the white dial example, the Ref. 116400 Milgauss. The white dial Milgauss was only produced for about seven years before being replaced by the Z-Blue dial Verizon, something of a rarity for the company in fact. Rolex replica did not produce that many white dial tool watches, so that, combined with the limited availability in general, makes this particular Rolex Milgauss both an uncommon sight and a potential future collector’s item.

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Most Popular Replica Rolex Prince Cellini Ref. 5441/9

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Rolex Prince CelliniOriginally created in the late 19th century and made an official federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day is a day when Americans can pause to recognize the achievements of our nation’s workers and honor their contributions to the nation as a whole. For many of us, it also symbolizes the end of summer and gives us an opportunity to celebrate with parties, barbecues, and street parades. However, a holiday dedicated to workers should be paired with an equally hard-working watch, and the brand that makes the strongest, most tireless watches is Rolex.
It seems only correct that the watchmaker that first brought us the concept of the tool watch should be front and center for Labor Day. So, we’ve listed some of our favorite replica Rolex watches that deserve to mark such a significant day.
The original Rolex Prince first appeared in 1928 as an elegant rectangular model known as the “doctor’s watch” because it had separate subdials to make it easier for doctors to time their patients’ impulses. Although it did its job well and could be seen on the wrists of some high-profile wearers, its expensive price tag and obvious Art Deco styling meant that it went out of fashion in the 1940s.  
More recently, Rolex has revived the Prince collection, introducing four stunning models in 2005 as part of its standout dress line, the Cellini. Often overlooked, the Rolex Cellini replica is a beautiful design with a classically refined aesthetic and is the brand’s only moon phase complication currently available.
The octagonal double dial has a slight overlap, the main chronograph face features a mix of Roman numerals and small stick indexes, while the second’s dial has a defined railroad edge. Off the dial, a beautiful circular guilloche pattern adds a textured motif and, almost uniquely for the brand, this level of finishing is carried over to the movement’s bridges, which can be seen by displaying the case back.
Although Rolex makes some of the best in-house movements in the industry, it does not flaunt its movements as many other manufacturers do these days, so Rolex’s movement decoration is usually industrial at best. Nevertheless, the Prince Cellini ref. 5441/9 is still a very chic watch that is a radical departure from the norm for Rolex and definitely worthy of any well-dressed doctor.

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