New Noob Factory Rolex Daytona with Meteorite Dial

Rolex Daytona

This is not the same Noob factory we remembered two years ago; the former Noob has been closed for some time and did not open again. This New Noob factory was founded by someone else, probably a dealer with a lot of money who saw the opportunity after Noob’s closure. Most of the watches under the New Noob factory are Rolex Daytona, and the quality is good; the most important thing is that their Daytona uses Super Clone 4130 movement, and many customers recognize this quality, so in Super Clone Daytona s market, there are three factories are the main sellers, Clean, BT and New Noob.
The replica Rolex Daytona looks unique because it has a meteorite dial. Now in the market, only the New Noob factory has this meteorite Daytona, and Super Clone 4130 movement, neither Clean nor BT has this product. Because of the super clone 4130 movements inside, this Daytona from the New Noob factory will also have little or no problem in the movement because this movement has been tested for years and proved to be the best clone Rolex movement installed in Daytona; I think this is the main reason why New Noob factory can still have some market share in Rolex Daytona field when facing the competition from Clean and BT. copy Rolex Daytona
The New Noob factory sends an extra rubber band for free, while the Clean factory does not offer this benefit. For the Daytona with a rubber band, Clean has two models, one with a grey dial and the other with a gold model, but for this one with a meteorite, only the New Noob factory has a super clone version. The case is made of 904L stainless steel and is about 12.3 mm thick. As long as the Daytona has a super clone 4130 movements inside, the case thickness is very close to the genuine article. The texture on the dial is unique; while the three subdials have small hands slightly different from the clear fake Rolex Daytona, they are completely flat, which is not good. There is no stainless steel piece inside the rubber band, which is another big difference between it and Clean.
Anyway, the New Noob factory Rolex Daytona is worth the price; it’s expensive, but there are some models like Ice Blue and this meteorite that BT or Clean don’t have, and you can choose from New Noob. However, if they can’t invest more money to improve the quality and supply more stable stock, they will lose their market share to BT and Clean.

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