Options Between Oyster, President, and Leather Band

The President bracelet is an indispensable part of the design of the Rolex Day-Date watch. Actually, not only was this particular bracelet style created for the debut of the Day-Date, the watch itself is nicknamed the Rolex President, despite Rolex provide Day-Date replica watch with other bracelet options.
Rolex Day-Date
Although the President bracelet is usually the first choice for the Day-Date, Rolex offers their flagship watch with various bracelet options.
Featuring its semi-circular three-piece links, the President bracelet definitely is a Rolex iconic design. Except for a handful of precious metal Lady size Datejust fake watches, the President bracelet has been exclusive to the Day-Date collection from its debut in 1956.
The President bracelet received a big upgrade in the 2000s with the introduction of the then-new Day-Date collection. Not only did the strengthened bracelet now include solid center links (instead of hollow ones), but the clasp was obviously thicker and stronger than precedent editions. A Day-Date with a President bracelet is the classic pairing, most people think of it as the quintessential ‘Rolex President’ watch. watches
The counterpart of the formal and curvy President bracelet is the sporty and flat Oyster bracelet. Usually fitted with sport or professional watches like the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master, or casual Rolex watches like the Oyster Perpetual, Date, and Air-King, the Oyster bracelet is virtually the brand’s most versatile bracelet, it is available in every metal fake Rolex and can be found across most Rolex collections.
Even though the Oyster bracelet is quite common in the Rolex catalog, it was still kind of surprising when it began to come with the Day-Date 36 collection in the 2000s. Whether in yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, or platinum, the Oyster bracelet is now a standard option with the 36mm Day-Date watch.
Naturally wearing the Day-Date on an Oyster bracelet lacks some of the formality normally attached on Rolex’s famed status watch, while some prefer wearing it this way. Pairing the Day-Date with an Oyster bracelet is a more fashionable way to wearing one of Rolex’s most iconic watches.
To diversify the bracelet choices, Rolex introduced a number of new Day-Date replica watches in 2013 with its first colorful leather straps. Clearly inspired by the vintage “Stella” Day-Date watches with vivid enamel dials from the 1970s, the leather strap Day-Date models come equipped with matching colorful dials.

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