Options Between Oyster, President, and Leather Band

The President bracelet is indispensable part of the design of the Rolex Day-Date watch. Actually, not only was this particular bracelet style created for the debut of the Day-Date, the watch itself is nicknamed as the Rolex President, despite Rolex provide Day-Date replica watch with other bracelet options.
Rolex Day-Date
Although the President bracelet is usually the first choice for the Day-Date, Rolex offers their flagship watch with various bracelet options.
Featuring with its semi-circular three-piece links, the President bracelet definitely is Rolex iconic design. Except a handful of precious metal Lady size Datejust fake watches, the President bracelet has been exclusive to the Day-Date collection from its debut in 1956.
The President bracelet received a big upgrade in the 2000s with the introduction of the then-new Day-Date collection. Not only did the strengthened bracelet now include solid center links (instead of hollow ones), but the clasp was obviously thicker and stronger than precedent editions. A Day-Date with a President bracelet is the classic pairing, most people think of it as the quintessential ‘Rolex President’ watch. watches
The counterpart of the formal and curvy President bracelet is the sporty and flat Oyster bracelet. Usually fitted with sport or professional watches like the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master, or casual Rolex watches like the Oyster Perpetual, Date, and Air-King, the Oyster bracelet is virtually the brand’s most versatile bracelet, it is available in every metal fake Rolex and can be found across most Rolex collections.
Even through the Oyster bracelet is quite common in the Rolex catalog, it was still kind of surprising when it began to come with the Day-Date 36 collection in the 2000s. Whether in yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, or platinum, the Oyster bracelet is now a standard option with the 36mm Day-Date watch.
Naturally wearing the Day-Date on an Oyster bracelet lacks some of the formality normally attached on Rolex’s famed status watch, while some prefer wearing it this way. Pairing the Day-Date with an Oyster bracelet is a more fashionable way to wearing one of Rolex’s most iconic watches.
To diversify the bracelet choices, Rolex introduced a number of new Day-Date replica watches in 2013 with its first colorful leather straps. Clearly inspired by the vintage “Stella” Day-Date watches with vivid enamel dials from the 1970s, the leather strap Day-Date models come equipped with matching colorful dials.

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Bond and Beyond—Famous Rolex Milsub Replica

Having built their reputation on producing popular watches with top qualities, Fake Rolex started their relationship with the military in 1954, when they provided the British Royal Navy with around 50 examples of their model, or, the Bond Submariner.  image003
The replica watch Sean Connery wore when he served Dr. No his just desserts, with its unguarded oversize crown, was sent unaltered to the Ministry of Defence who used it in the field for the next few years, eventually reporting back on its performance.
The first was a redesign of the bezel, with its existing coin style edging proving hard for Navy divers to turn while wearing gloves. And the second was the standard spring bars attaching the bracelet, a potentially disastrous point of weakness.
Rolex replica addressed both of the issues, soldering the bars to the lugs to accommodate the NATO strap, reworking the bezel to overhang the sides of the case and finishing it with the serrated edge that we know today to make it not so difficult to grip.
The resulting watch was christened the A/6538 and supplied only to the Royal Navy. These pieces, the first of what would become known as the Military Submariners, or Milsubs, were joined several years later by the updated model. Rolex had by this time taken the changes advocated by the MOD and incorporated them into the standard Submariner available to the general public, so the 5512 you could buy in the store was fitted with the new style of bezel. It also had, for the first time, guards protecting its now smaller crown.
The incredibly cheap prices Milsubs achieve on the pre-owned market have also led to another problem all too common with vintage Rolex—replicas. There are a sea of fakes in circulation, ready to prey on the unwary, so going into a sale armed with all the facts concerning the slew of small but important details of what the authentic article should and should not have is necessary. Wherever possible, only buy from dealers you know and trust and always be ready to walk away if something seems iffy.
There’s no doubt the Milsubs are at the very top of most Rolex collectors’ wish lists. Beyond the model’s provenance and the rarity value, each one comes complete with the kind of back-story that most of us can only dream of—and the sort that lends a commonplace design classic its own unique personality.

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Popular Replica Rolex Milgauss with Very Early Dial and 1977 Rolex Submariner


We had to go back to the classic model after Arthur’s review of a modern fake Rolex Milgauss. Introduced in 1963, it was made until the late 1980s in spite of the rather unpopularity, as its antimagnetic properties proved appealing to a niche (but highly technical) audience. Among all these models, the CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, or European Organization for Nuclear Research) based in Geneva is reported to have specifically asked Rolex to develop the Milgauss for its scientists in the 1950s, resulting initially in other watches. Replica Rolex Milgauss rolex-087724_04
The present example shows one of the rare CERN dials, without lume, so as not to affect any radiation measurements that a scientist could undertake with his watch on the wrist. It is also one of the earliest examples made, as evidenced by its Mark 0 dial (with the 1/5th-second tick-marks), an early serial number engraved between the lugs, and the 1/64 date inscribed on the inner side of the reinforced caseback (as it was part of the anti-magnetic inner case that surrounded the automatic caliber 1580). The seller treated the 38mm case as “untouched”, as a matter of fact, it presents thick lugs and the expected superficial scratches from regular use.
The Rolex replica is one of the most sought after vintage rolex Submariner. With its best proportions and dateless dial, this watch is the ultimate dive fake watch. The example we have here dates to 1977 and features a “Pre-Comex” dial, which you can identify by the distinctive Coronet crown and those oversized tritium lume plots. We love this one for its creme brulee patina and its rough-and-tough look. What’s more perfect than a dive watch for summer?

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