Popular Replica Omega’s “Star Wars” Watch

It’s a great honor to say when the watch community collectively bestows a watch with a nickname, which the Omega replica would think the Rolex “Batman” GMT-Master II, or the “Hulk” Submariner, or the plethora of nicknames for Seikos out there. But the replica Omegas don’t really get this sort of honor often, with the exception of a few, owing to one vintage watch expert. omega omeg-076999_04
In the 1970s, OMEGA replica introduced plenty of unique Seamaster models that featured chunky cases and boldly-colored dials. Around the same time, the first Star Wars installment was becoming a cultural touchstone. These replica Seamasters, with Caliber 861 movements inside 47mm octagonal polished tungsten-chrome cases, had two dial versions—one in black, grey, and red, the other with a blue, black, and red color scheme.
The name came about when Chuck Maddox, one of the foremost vintage OMEGA chronograph experts in his lifetime and a total fan of the Star Wars movie series, began referring to the watch as the “Anakin Skywalker”. The name stuck among other watch enthusiasts.
There are other OMEGA replica watch models which Maddox referred to with nods to Star Wars characters. The OMEGA Seamaster ref. 145.0023, visually similar to the “Anakin Skywalker” Seamaster in all but case color, became famous as the “Darth Vader.” The “Darth Vader” Seamaster has the same octagonally-shaped case but in a black ceramic finish. According to Maddox, it’s a watch that would look right at home on Darth Vader’s wrist.
And then there’s the OMEGA Seamaster that Maddox dubbed the “Jedi” chronograph. This replica OMEGA “Jedi” Seamaster is a chronograph inside a rounded shield case and came with a white or black dial, which was produced in the early 1970s. For more details, please search our website or focus on our blogs, thank you.