Replica Rolex Submariner with Green Khanjar Dial


Watches with the “Khanjar” symbol were made by Rolex with many classical features for the Sultan of Oman to give as gifts. Less than 10 steel Daytonas are known that have this bright green Khanjar at 12 o’clock with both black and silver dials. To make things even better, this replica watch has the earliest serial number of any famous green Khanjar Daytona. The following are some good examples for your reference. Replica Rolex Submariner rolex-079003_04
Explorer Dial Submariner
This is one of the real holy grails of Rolex collecting. Due to a large number of imitations, when a good one comes up for auction, it’s a treat and gift. This replica has a special deal with an underline at six o’clock, a narrow coronet logo, besides, the Explorer-style 3-6-9 printing. The dial has also begun to age, but actually the best for the watch to be honest. As a matter of fact, it’s brand new to the market and comes from a real family.
With Luminous Honeycomb Star Dial
This is about as elegant as a midcentury Rolex can get. This fake watch from 1953 has a silvered honeycomb dial with luminous star-shaped markers that are in incredible condition. Only eight replica watches like this are very famous to exist and from the photo, we have here (in accordance with Christie’s description), it seems that this one is in near-perfect shape.
This is the original Milgauss, one of the strangest Rolex replica has ever made. Designed for high resistance to magnetic fields, it was an extremely idiosyncratic watch and was only made for three years, from 1955 to 1957. This example has the original honeycomb dial, a straight second’s hand.
14k Gold Paul Newman Daytona “John Player Special”
Fewer than 400 Daytonas were made in 14k gold and they were only produced from 1966 to 1969. The black Paul Newman dial has a really striking look, and while the watch does show some signs of having been worn, it is fresh to market and still has the Rolex sticker intact on the back.
Submariner from Comex ‘Operation Everest’
On its own, this cheap replica Rolex Submariner would be nothing to write home about. But this watch belonged to Guillaume Despiau, a volunteer who took place in Comex’s famous “Operation Everest” experiment, which looked at how the human body reacted to conditions similar to those found at the peak of Everest over a sustained period of time. This watch accompanied him in the pressurized chamber during the one-month experiment and the fake Rolex watch comes with all the appropriate documentation to prove it.