Future Classic Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex watches are widely considered to be a solid investment, probably the most reliable in the world of luxury goods. With all of the brand’s models, you can be reasonably confident that it will retain its value and, in most cases, even appreciate in value over the years. Of course, as with anything, some pieces will perform better than others, and for those looking to preserve their value, the trick is to be able to spot the pieces destined for future glory before the rest of the industry discovers them. Rolex Yacht-Master II rolex-079036_04
Right now, there is no precise scientific basis for discovering the classic works of the future. It is almost impossible to predict where the golden eggs are buried – otherwise, we would all have bought a large selection of exotic “Paul Newman” Daytona watches in the 1960s and lived the high life today. However, there are some standout models currently in production that have the “uniqueness” factor to become future classics, and the fake Rolex Yacht Prestige II 116689 may be one of those watches.
The Rolex Yacht Prestige II is a brave project that required the experts at Rolex to come up with a new way to cram so much technology into one watch. The key innovative difference was the incorporation of the bezel, normally a decorative feature, into the overall mechanism and working mechanism of the watch. Called the “ring command bezel”, it is directly connected to the internal movement of the Yacht-Master II, acting as an on/off switch to unlock various operations and create a surprisingly simple and straightforward setting process.
The engine driving all this virtuosity is a heavily modified Cal. 4130 from the Rolex Daytona replica. The Cal. 4160 took some 35,000 hours to perfect, using a variation of the vertical clutch and column wheel system found on Rolex’s legendary racing chronographs. watches
In addition, despite being purchased at the retail level for several thousand dollars more than its gold counterpart, the often overlooked status of reference 116689 means that it is actually much less expensive when purchased second-hand on the pre-owned market.
All in all, the Rolex Yacht Prestige II 116689 is a very special watch. Now in its second generation, Rolex’s first foray into the world of true complications may be aimed at a very niche market, but it is still one of the most impressive examples of the watchmaker’s output ever produced. While there is no guarantee that the replica Rolex will become a classic, this ultra-luxurious model has all the necessary ingredients to one day be at the top of every collector’s wish list.