New Rolex Replica Watches and Discontinued Models

Baselworld 2021 may be long-since canceled, but with many of the exhibiting brands now at the show, there are still plenty of new Rolex watches to discuss this year. While Rolex just launched a new watch in September 2020, we already have a bunch of novelties to discuss – and like all new Rolex releases, these new products are the biggest watch-related news of the year.   rolex-076680_06
However, new Rolex watches are only half the story. At any given time, the brand adds models to its catalog and inevitably some are discontinued. Also, almost any time Rolex updates its catalog, the brand’s actions will inevitably affect the overall market for replica Rolex watches. So, what’s new this year, and which models have been discontinued?
The new generation of Rolex Explorer watches includes the two-tone Ref. 124273 and the all-stainless steel 124270. as is customary for the line, both models are exclusively equipped with black dials, but while the previous generation of the Explorer had a 39mm case, the new generation reverts to its original size. The 36mm case diameter is hardly new to Rolex, but this change suddenly makes the recently discontinued reference 214270 significantly more convincing from an investment standpoint. Rolex Explorer watches
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the fake Rolex Explorer II, and almost everyone expected the brand to release a new model to celebrate the occasion. Rolex did release a new Explorer II this year, and while there was much discussion about the possibility of a ceramic bezel or splashes of green on the dial and hands to mark the anniversary, the new Explorer II is essentially similar to the recently discontinued model.
Any time Rolex releases a new sports watch, the notoriety that accompanies it tends to drive up demand for existing models on the open market. In addition, since this generation of the replica Rolex Explorer II is quite similar to its predecessor, it makes the older 40mm version of the watch even more unique. The 5-digit reference numbered Explorer II watches have gained a lot of traction in recent years, and since the new number 226570 continues the trend of 42mm cases and updated design language, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the older 40mm model continue to hold strong favor with a cult following.

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